Righteous Vendetta Feeds The Hungry! 1 week only, get 3 albums for $2 min, a portion of your donation will go to LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry Charity. Lots of Bonuses & Cool Top Donor prizes, including a private Google + concert from Righteous Vendetta! Check it out and help spread the word : http://groupees.com/rv

#BeMine 2 Game + Music Bundle- all the details!!! 

Get it here: http://groupees.com/bemine2 5 great games + music + incentives + $2=1 meal to the hungry via FTWM Charity… all at Pay What You Want (2 meal minimum). Includes The Baconing (PC + MAC Steam only), Sol Survivor (PC Steam + Download), Madballs in Babo: Invasion (PC + MAC Steam only), Plain Sight (PC Steam only), Beat Hazard (PC + MAC Steam + Download), bonus level if you buy 5 meals/purchase, includes Killing Floor (PC + MAC Steam only) + Eligh Special Artist Collection EP + 1 TBA Special Bonus, group bonuses including music from Urge Overkill, Falling Up and Moonlight Bride, indie film The Red Skulls + Chicken, and a special final bonus game if the promotion reaches its total meal goal! 

Urge Overkill footage by Mike White and Jim McKenzie.
Music by Urge Overkill, Effigy. 

The Groupees #BeMine2 Sneak Peek! // 5 games + Music + Cool Incentives + Charity // Launch announcement coming this week!